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    8 Tips to Keep Physically Fit

    Include the following tips;

    • Tips to keep physically fit:
    • There is nothing called ‘Time-Management’. It’s only ‘Self-Management’. Manage your time wisely & smartly. It’s the key to maintaining your health & life happily
    • Try to maintain a balanced lifestyle between work, home, relaxation & responsibilities. They are all important. So divide your time in a prioritized manner.
    • Keep a time bound plan for the next day before sleeping. It will keep you ready & prepared for the challenges that the next day has in store for you.
    • Keep at least 1 Hour for physical fitness. 1 hour is not even 5% of the 24 Hours in a day. You owe it to yourself.
    • Don’t find excuses to bunk your workout. It is a ‘Non-Negotiable’ On good days work hard, but on bad days work harder.
    • Don’t get obsessed with cosmetically tunes bodies. Even a simple 1 hours brisk walk can be more than enough. It’s more important to be physically healthy than being attractive.
    • Try not to ‘react’ to every situation. Learn to ‘respond’ It will help you to work wonders with your overall efficiency & effectiveness, besides keeping you calm. Don’t forget that in today’s times, ‘Calm Is the new Super Power’. Cultivate it in yourself.
    • Diet is often called as the 70% factor when it comes to remaining a healthy weight. Your body is not a garbage bin. Don’t treat it like one.

    Your body will always tell you one thing: “Take care of me today, so Ican take care of you tomorrow”.

    The farming methods & our dietary habits now a days leave a lot of gaps in what we want & what our body needs. To complete the missing elements in your diet, it is a good idea to include a supplement which can give us the right micronutrients & factors to pass through the day energetically.

    Consider SKYTAG’s 100% ORGANIC & PURE SPIRULINA Tablets. A wonder supplement also known as the ‘Most Powerful Food On Earth’. This ‘Wonder food’ as the ‘Secret Super Food of Celebrities’ the word over for several years. It’s loaded with the most gentle form of protein in addition to several Omega Elements & micro nutrients so essential for your health.

    Consider including 2 tablets of Spirulina at breakfast daily & remain ‘Turbo Charged’ across the day.