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Getting Fit & Keeping Fit are two objectives that are everyone’s aspirations but easier said than done. Getting fit starts with a strong power of resolve & discipline. It can be successfully achieved only if we treat it as a completely ‘Non-Negotiable area. Fitness is the first casualty in our day-to-day routines. The moment there is an urgent work or a personal urgency, the first thing that we let go of is our fitness routines. On the contrary this desirable but formidable objective can only be achieved by those who really love themselves, their families & their life. Let’s see how this can be achieved.

A health body starts with a healthy mind. Pretty generic statement? Heard many a times before? Well, it’s so because it is the basic raw fact of fitness. This is true so because the mind is the most powerful part of our body. It not only helps us plan things & objectives, but also secretes hormones & enzymes by our body depending on our mental status. So, make a daily routine & mark a ‘Non-Negotiable’ time for fitness. Come what may, it should be unshakeable. Of you can discipline yourself for 3 weeks, then the danger zone is past as it will become a part of your daily routine. But you know what will be the most difficult part? It will be ‘Taking The Initiative’. But once you take the initiative & start, rest is a cake walk. You must realize that a 1 hour for your own self is not even 5% of your days’ time. You deserve this for the sake of yourself.

For fitness depending on your age, stage, liking& medical condition choose a routine like, walking, running, cycling, gymmingetc. which can increase your heart rate consistently for at least 30 minutes. This will help put your body on an overdrive & tune up all your body systems. Once you start, you will love your routine so much that you won’t be able to let go.

For mental fitness start yoga is a very generic recommendation, but at times difficult to set started with. If you can do it, nothing like that. However, you could start with small initiatives like keeping your mind cool & not reacting or over reactingto every stimulus that life throws at you. An instant reacting never helps, a slow & steady response always solves issue. Remember the mind is like an umbrella which works best when open. So keep it open always. It will work perfectly without overheating.

Diet is another element, which is of utmost importance. We are what we eat. Your body is not a dustbin. So, don’t treat it like one. The body says only one thing, ‘Take care of me today, so I can take care of you tomorrow’. Treat your body well, it may not matter in youthful years but once you cross the 40 years age barrier, one or the other health issues will start keeping you busy or distracted. Don’t let that happen. Have breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince & Dinner like a Beggar. The royal meals during dinner are very tempting. Once in a while ‘Cheat Days’ could be fine, but don’t let them become too frequent. It’s as good as abusing your own body.

Sleep: it is believed that God made a day of 24 hours & split it into 3 parts of 8 hours each. A human can work efficiently for 8 hours at the most, to work for 8 hours we need at-least 8 hours of sleep & 8 hours for own own self & daily routine miscellaneous routines. Anyone able to do so will remain perfectly balanced & fit. Try it, it will work wonderfully well.

Supplements: With changing eating habits, dependence on frozen foods, pollution, stress, our daily diet might miss out on certain important elements which are necessary to overcome & coverup for the daily ravages that we go through the 24 hours.  it’s a good idea to supplement yourself with some fine supplements rich in nutrients, micro-nutrients, minerals, proteins, trace minerals, antioxidants etc. Choose a good health supplements depending on your medical conditions & supplement yourself well. Time tested & safe supplements like Spirulina Tablets work well to fill in all your dietary blanks & are highly advisable.  It will be worthwhile to consider starting.

Try to implement & follow all the above guidelines & notice the wonderful change that you will start to go within yourself. Your physical & mental transformation will surprise you & the compliments that your will start to receive from your nears, dears & colleague’s will be a motivation & justification enough. And yes…don’t forget to motivate others & increase your fitness tribe.