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Mother Nature has provided enough of bounties & answers to help to cope us with the damages that the present lifestyles have brought us. Weather it is a school going child, a college going student, a career oriented competition appearing professional, a working professional, a middle age senior level executive, a retired person, a senior citizen SKYTAG MEMORY BOOSTER TONIC & TABLETS supplement your Mind & Body with the precise nutrients & nutrition. Close the missing link with SKYTAG MEMORY BOOSTER TONIC & TABLETS.

Nature has provided enough of resources to sufficiently harmonize the Mind & Body in perfect conjunction. with SKYTAG MEMORY BOOSTER TONIC & TABLETS.

21 Handpicked & Precise Herbs, all formulated in the right quantities give you just what your mind & body need.

SKYTAG MEMORY BOOSTER TONIC & TABLETS have been especially fortified with time tested & effect proven BHAHMI, SHANKHPUSHPI, ASHWAGANDHA along with 18 other jewel herbs, which will give you the extra edge that you deserve need.

A right combination of a healthy diet along with SKYTAG MEMORY BOOSTER TONIC & TABLETS can help you win the battle against Memory Loss & Physical Deficiency.

1.BRAHMINatures finest memory booster, reduces stress & anxiety. Great in Attention Deficit Disorder. Great in Alzheimer’s Disease. Cleanses Kidney, soothes Liver. Unlimited Benefits
2.SHANKHPUSHPINatures gift to enhance memory, Rejuvenates Nervous System. Improves Intellect. Boostes Nerve power & improves mental functions
3.ASHWAGANDHAHas multiple health benefits. Reduces Anxiety & Stress, fights depression, boosts fertility. Boosts Brain Functions
4.BACHReduces negative thoughts, Improves positivity. Complements treatment for emotional problems & pain
5.SIRISHBalances VATTA & PITTA Disorders. Strengthens Immune System. Reduces allergic tendencies. Strengthens system from within.
6.SIGRUNatures best Anti-Oxidant. Improves circulation & blood flow in the body. Reduces all kinds of inflammations & pains.
7.ANANTMOOLNatures finest Blood-Purifier. Cools body. Great Anti-Oxidant Properties. Wonderful gift of nature to detoxify the body.
8.RASNANatures Wonder. Extensively used to treat over 80 types of VATA Disorders. Best to correct KAPHA Dosha in body. Stimulates digestion. Cures all inflamations, build immunity. Protects from Cough, Fever
9.MUSTAKControls Digestive & Menstrual complaints. Also known as NUT GRASS. Helps to relieve from all kinds of pains.
10.GILOYAUniversal herb to boost immunity. Boosts vision. Slows ageing. Removes toxins from body, builds body immunity. Combats urinary & liver infections. Helps to keep body. Treats Arthritis, fights respiratory problems
11.JATAMANSIHelps to promote healthy sleeping. Removes body odour. Helps as a natural laxative.
12.JYOTISMATIEnlightens mind. Promotes mental & Heart functions. Controls Cholesterol. Has great anti oxidant activity. Treats Insomnia.
13.MULETHIImproves digestion. Keeps mind calm. Keeps acidity at bay. Improves memory & assists hormonal regulation in body.
14.AWLAHighest source of Vitamin-C. Moisturizes skin, builds immunity.
15.SOUNTHAlso known as dried Ginger. Natures healthiest herbs. Loaded with nutrients & bioactive compounds to give powerful benefits for your body & brain. Boosts immunity significantly.
16.SATAWARNatures finest ‘ADAPTOGENIC’ herb. Helps your body to cope up with physical & emotional stress. Improves Vitality. General Health Tonic.
17.ELAAlso known as Cardamom. Premium ingredient. Boosts Cognitive Brain Functions & memory.
18.PEEPALImproves general well being. Purifies blood. Improves potency. Great for skin.
19.MIRCHBoosts functions of other ingredients. Boosts general body functions. Prevents Liver &Cardio Vascular related problems.
20.NAGKESHARKeeps headaches & migraine at bay. Prevents fevers & urinary infections.
21.JAIPHALUsed since ancient times even by Greeks & Romans as a terrific Brain Tonic. Stimulates nerves in the brain. Also eases Fatigue & stress. Reduces Depression & Anxiety.
22.USTEKHUDUSHMain action directly on Brain & Intestines. Time tested Brain Tonic. Excellent nerve tonic. Builds general body immunity & keeps strong from within.
23.KUSMANDEnhances cognitive functions & improves memory. Significantly enhances brains power of acquisition, retention & recollection. Improves brain functions tremendously. Also boosts immunity & strengthens immune system significantly. Helps to counter forgetfulness.