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    We often get impressed & fascinated from people who have a good memory starting from our school days till our professional work areas. There is always one genius out there who manages to impress everyone with his or her so called ‘Photographic Memory’. Does this scenario ring a bell in your memory?

    Well not talking of the few exceptionally gifted ‘Elon Musk Types’, even regular memory issues start bothering us from time to time. The areas of forgetfulness can be very irritating for our own self so it’s great to start practicing few tips to build a great memory:

    • Memory is always a concern for a child or an adult.
    • What we generally call memory issues are actually focus or concentration issues. Start with concentrating attentively on whatever you are going through or looking at with details. It helps to sow deeper into the memory.
    • Memory is all about the mind. Keep yourself cool at all times. Why react when you can respond. It’s more qualitative as well.
    • Avoid situations which can lead to stress. A timely action is always better than a speedy action. This helps to have time for value addition as well. The end result is qualitative as well.
    • Sleep well. Sleep is the body mechanism of rejuvenating & repairing the damage done to the body. Anything between 6 to 8 hours is a good depending on your lifestyle.
    • Limit alcohol. It can impact memory adversely. Have occasionally if you have to have it in controlled quantity.
    • Exercise compulsorily. Even if it is a 30-minute work brisk walk. The effect will be miraculous.
    • In addition to the above, it is always good to add some natural herbals from the bounty of mother nature to your routine. Natural herbs like: Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, Ashwagandha, Giloy, Jatamansietc. to your daily routine. These are time tested herbs available easily & can work wonders for your memory & retention power, besides keeping your mind active & alert always.
    • Alternatively, you can consider adding SKYTAG’s MEMORY BOOSTER to your day. It is available in both TONIC & TABLETS form. A perfect combination of handpicked herbs in just the perfect combination.
    • Go ahead & STAY SHARP, STAY POINTED always.