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    Urinary infections are very stubborn & irritating. Anyone affected by urinary infection will tell you how despite endless visits to the doctor, repeated tests, culture sensitivity analysis & strong medications they just keep coming back. At the end they become part of a person’s lifestyle & one starts to live with it. Sounds familiar? Don’t accept Urinary Tract Infections, also fondly known as UTI’s. Women are believed to be more prone to developing UTI’s unlike men due to the way nature has created their bodies. The close proximity of the Urinary & anal tract is the main reason for their being more prone towards UTI’s. Here are a few tips how you could avoid or manage UTI’s smartly:

    • Avoid using public urinals as much as possible. They are major contact point for UTI’s.
    • If unavoidable try to use simple female urine assist devices like ‘Peebuddy’ etc. They are economical, easy to use, protect you from Urinary infection contact & easy to carry in your purse.
    • Rinse yourself well with water after every visit to the washroom & maintain a good urinary area hygiene.
    • Always ensure your partner also maintains a good sexual hygiene. Sexual intercourse is a major cause of contacting UTI’s.
    • Coli is the main micro-organism responsible for UTI’s in most people in almost 80% cases. So, this is the main villain to be dealt with effectively.
    • If you are suffering from recurrent urinary infections, it will be a good idea to start with a good supplement like ‘American Cranberry Extract’. It is a very safe supplement which very well documented as a wonderful remedy to take care & prevent recurrent UTI’s.
    • American Cranberry is rich in PAC (Proanthocyanidins) & Vitamin-C. which is great to counter E.Coli as it does not allow it to stick inside the urinary tract & protects from UTI’s.
    • While there are various forms of Cranberry available like juice, tablets, capsules, drinks etc, however not all have a PAC content of over 15% which is most essential to control UTI’s effectively. Most have a PAC content of hardly 5% which is of no use.
    • Use a good supplement like: 100% Pure & Original Skytag’s American Cranberry Capsules’ daily & keep your Urinary Tract happy always.