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  • PRESENTATION: Bottle of 60 Tablets
  • Form:  Tablets Of 800 MG each
  • Dosage: 1 TABLET Twice Daily

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1. Modern day life is overloaded with extreme challenges & competition many a times to mindless proportions. The extreme level of competitiveness increases to unreasonable levels at time, thereby putting everyone today in very in-humanly markers to reach up to. This extreme competitiveness comes with a heavy toll & price on our body which one many a times does not really realize in younger age especially before the age-40, by when one starts feeling the pressure visibly & noticeably.

2. Add to it the heavy load of financial responsibility all of which seem completely unavoidable. The financial pressure & compulsive monetary load pumps up the pressure on every individual irrespectively to disastrous levels. Most of the times one does not realize the damage that such stress put on the health of an individual until it is too late.

3. Higher the position, higher the challenges, higher the pressure to perform & highest is the requirement to meet the set targets irrespective of the circumstances. The pressure can definitely be extreme & difficult to bear, while the damage to the overall body systems can go un-noticed, while the silent killer works relentlessly within the body.

4. All this unavoidable work, financial & domestic pressure puts a person into a situation where the body starts showing symptoms of extreme irritation externally, which comes over co-workers & even the family in extreme cases who bear the brunt of high expectation & achievement pursual by the individual.

5. Continued tiredness, headaches, run-down feeling, sleeplessness, or even drowsiness are some of the symptoms that a person may unknowingly exhibit. While a person may not acknowledge these symptoms & brush away these signs of high stress, the family of the individual are the first to notice these symptoms & even bear the initial impact of this disaster in making.

6. Family, relations or friends most of the time do recommend general medications like multivitamin pills, sleep enhancers, tonics etc, to tide over the situation on one or the other indirect or direct reference. All these are non-specific & based on hearsay many a times & therefore do not give the desired result & are therefore discarded in a few days, thereby leaving a person to fend for himself.

7. In some time a person comes back to the same schedules & work pressure while the work pressure keeps working silently as a killer. The immune system is the first one to get compromised and there can be episodes of illness related to sleep, anxiety, digestion, forgetfulness, weakness etc to name a few. All these are very strong indicators that the immune system is staring to give way.

8. We may not really notice or realize as to when our immunity may start to drop low, until un-explained illnesses or needless irritation in a person starts showing up. All these are danger signs & must never be ignored at all. ACT IMMEDIATELY IF YOU NOTICE THESE WITHOUT ANY FURTHER DELAY…

9. Make immediate changes in your lifestyle. Keep yourself on top priority & migrate to a healthy diet to start with. Include exercise in your daily regime as per your schedule but keep it a compulsory part of your daily routines. Avoid habits & reduce down to minimal level related to smoking or drinking.

10. Your food should be healthy & nutritious which should provide the nutrients needed to keep you healthy. Add to your routine the EXTRA POWER of SKYTAG’s IMMUNITY BOOSTER & bridge the gap towards your complete protection & get ready to take on the challenges to your day to day routines with a smile.                                    SKYTAG’s IMMUNITY BOOSTER not only protects you from external infections but also makes your overall system very strong.

11. Let YOUR PERSONAL BODYGUARD from SKYTAG protect you from Day-to-Day Infections, Pollution, Daily Work Stress. A safe & perfect combination of 12 Power-Packed, Hand Picked 100% pure & organic herbs from Mother Nature’s Lap. Strengthen your inner strength with SKYTAG’s IMMUNITY BOOSTER, fortified with the power of time-tested GILOY, ASHWAGANDHA, TULSI, HALDI, along with 8 other perfect Immunity Boosters. Remain ‘FIGHTING FIT’ always.

12. SKYTAG’s IMMUNITY BOOSTER, is YOUR PERSONAL BODYGUARD. It is completely safe for long term use & has no side effects. Make SKYTAG’s IMMUNITY BOOSTERa part of your daily routines. For best results take 1 Tablet Twice Daily & feel the difference in yourself. The 12 handpicked &time tested herbs from nature are your ultimate source of energy & high immunity. Value yourself, invest in yourself & protect yourself. After all you are your greatest bet & most valuable investment.

LIVE LONG, LIVE STRONG with SKYTAG’s IMMUNITY BOOSTER. A one stop safe & effective solution to all your health issues.

1.GILOYThe beneficial effects of Giloy have been proven even by US-FDA. Giloy is a power house of energy & antioxidants which fight the attack of ‘Free-Radicals’ to keep the body cells healthy & fighting fit. Giloy is proven to remove toxins, purify blood, fight bacteria. Not only this Giloy is known to keep the liver strong to combat diseases & had a very positive effect to fight out Urinary Tract Infections. Giloy has innumerable effects to improve digestion, control diabetes, fight respiratory problems, reduce stress & anxiety, help arthritis, reduce symptoms of Asthamatic conditions, improve vision & slow down ageing.
2.TULSITulsi also known as ‘Holy Basil’ has a proven record of an excellent immunity booster. It is a time tested immunity booster. It works on your body without side effects. Tulsi has known & proven effects to help as an anti-ageing, ant septic, ant bacterial, & great for good quality skin. It is great to detoxify your body therby giving benefits in fighting cold, flu, cough, sore throat & other respiratory infections.
3.ASHWAGANDHAAshwgandha is known across literature as a very powerful adaptogen. It’s effects strengthen the body towards stress & increases the body’s defense mechanism multifold. It also has powerful antioridant properties, which help to protect damage to the body cells. This wonder herb has known benefits to provide strong anti-cancer properties, maintain good sugar levels in the body, reduce stress, reduce depression, boost testosterone levels in men & enhance sexual power, improve muscle mass, reduce pain &inflamation in body, reduce cholesterol, improve brain functions & enhance memory. With all these benefits, it is considered a very safe ingredient to use long term.
4.HALDIHaldi is also known as Turmeric or Curcumin. It is a very strong Anti Viral. The benefits of Haldi are wonderful. Haldi is well known to enhance & boost immunity system significantly. It protects from several types of cancers & has strong anti-inflammatory properties as well. Haldi has a very positive effect on improving digestion, diabetes, flu control, infection control of all types. Haldi is proven to not only boost overall immunity, but also to improve memory. Endless articles confirm the positive effect of Haldi to humans.
5.MORINGAThe greatest benefit of Moringa is it’s Super Immunity Boosting powers. Moringa keeps you super energized all day long & prevents tiredness & fatigue across the day. It is a rich source of Iron & keeps your blood well supplemented with oxygen. It is also an excellent remedy for those suffering with anemia. Being a very rich source of Vitamin A & E, it has excellent benefits for the skin. Moringa has great benefits to boost immunity very high even against several types of cancers. Moringa powder has 9 essential amino acids and is a great source of perfect protein as well. Moring helps to reduce stress, improve digestion, improve vision, great for maintaining ideal blood glucose levels, health bones & is a great source of high energy.
6.DALCHINIDalchini is also known as CINNAMOM in English. It is a time tested excellent immunity booster. Dalchini tops the list of herbs with the richest source of anti-oxidants which have wonderful benefits to fight the ageing process & protect the body from the damages of day to day. It helps to maintain a perfect balance of the insulin & blood glucose levels & keeps the body & brain in perfect harmony. Dalchini facilitates a good balance in digestion & hormonal balance in the body. Dalchini is great for the heart as well & keeps cholesterol levels in controlled levels. Dalchini offers excellent benefits to keep the skin nice & supple while helping to keep bad breath away as well.
7.AWLAAwla is a Super-food loaded with goodness. Awla is the richest source of Vitamin-C that nature has to offer & has a wonderful role to play in increasing the WBC count in blood, which is so essential to fight infection by the body. Awla helps to increase hemoglobin levels & helps to fight early ageing as well. Amla is great to boost immunity , maintain good body metabolism. Amla is well known to offer immunity from viral infection, including protection from cough & cold. The benefits of Awla are immense.
8.MULETHIMulethi is also known as Liquorice in English. It is an age-old herb used to boost immunity & build inner strength. Mulethi has wonderful anti-oxidant properties which helps to reduce the impact of the damages to the body while growing up. Mulethi helps wonderfully to keep auto immune diseases away. It also has bronchodilator properties & therefore is great in treating respiratory tract infections. Mulethi also helps to maintain the hormonal balance in the body & helps to prevent mood swings, depression, excess sweating etc. Mulethi is wonderful benefits to offer to keep the liver healthy
9.NEEMNeem boosts the immunity system effectively & helps to keep it cool from within. It also has wonderful blood purifying properties, which helps to protect from various diseases & ailments. It is natures best antibiotic & has unparallel health benefits to keep the body healthy and disease free. Neem has a good role to play to keep gum problems away. It is difficult to summarize the benefits of Neem in a few words.
10.GARLICGarlic is a super star amongst the best known immune system builders. Garlic has compounds which help to keep the body strong, to be able to fight out germs & infections successfully. Garlic helps to build the WBC count in the body which helps it to fight infections effectively. Garlic is also very rich in anti-oxidants which protect the body from cell damage & slow down ageing. There are innumerable studies documenting the role of Garlic as a perfect immunity builder.
11.RASNARasna is amongst the treasures of nature & has wonderful anti-aging properties. It helps to stimulate the immune system. Rasna is also very rich in anti-oxidants which give it the power to delay the ageing process & body degeneration. Rasna has strong antibiotic properties as well, which help it cure several infections inside the body as well.
12.SOUNTHSonth is also known as dried ginger. Ginger enhances immune system response. Ginger is a superfood which has unlimited benefits in making the immune system strong. It has a good role to play to reduce muscle pain & soreness. Sonth also enhance the healing process & drastically helps to control glucose levels. Sonth offers wonderful benefits to reduce the heart disease factor. It also helps to improve digestion & absorption of essential nutrients thereby keeping the body in perfect condition. It’s role in reducing elevated cholesterol levels is also well documented. Ginger also builds immunity to help the body to fight infections.

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SKYTAG immune system booster tablets are the best tablets in market. I love the this tablet this is 100 natural and no side effect and they really work. My whole family is using this immune system booster tablets .


To enhance my immunity, I took 1 bottle of skytag tablets to boost immunity. I haven’t been sick since then. So I assume it’s a decent product, as it has a lot of vitamins and they’re incredibly helpful in keeping me healthy.


I bought this product after seeing it on a list of recommendations. I’ve been taking Immunity Booster for two weeks and have seen incredible effects. The best part is that I didn’t get a cold after using it. My immune system is improving It’s made entirely of natural ingredients. This is the best immunity booster tablets for adults


I am satisfied with the items is the best tablets for boosting immune system. It was money well spent. Product made entirely of natural ingredients. It was purchased for my uncle to… It aided in his recovery from a cold he was suffering from. I would recommend this to everyone, and after two weeks, I ordered two packs for my entire family.


For the first time, I only purchased one bottle of sky tab tablet for immunity increase, but I believe the pack of four is worth purchasing and is also good value for money.This bottle packing is a little difficult to open, but it’s worth it to keep the tablets from deteriorating.


I’ve tried a lot of immune booster tablets for adults but this one is by far the best. It has a light, refreshing flavour that keeps you wanting more. Guys, go for it; this is the best-tasting immune booster tablets for adults tablet ever.


Good value for money on a high-quality product. This is a great product for old age people, and immune-boosting supplement.During the pandemic, I found it to be really beneficial. This is something that my entire family is taking now this best multivitamin tablets for immunity booster


It worked miracles for me in just two days. After decades this is best and strong immune booster tablets I began to have a healthy stomach. I can recommend this product to others, and I must state that it is a high-quality product that is good value for money.



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