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  • Product Name: SKYTAG’s PURE & ORGANIC SPIRULINA 500mg
  • Form: TABLETS

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1. The paces of modern life can be extremely demanding for everyone now a days. Growing responsibilities, professional ambitions, personal pressures, domestic responsibilities, they all are impossible to ignore. The importance of a healthy mind & healthy diet is emphasized by everyone as a generic solution & remedy for all issues by one and all.

2. Our loved ones understand the value of a wholesome & healthy food & a good fitness regime to effectively cope up with all the day to day challenges & pressures that one faces day in day out.

However despite all the love & care of our loved ones, there are still important dietary gaps that remain unfulfilled as no food can be complete in terms of its nutritional content supplementation to the body.

This leaves us with an important question. “How do you fulfill the nutritional deficiencies & dietary requirements that you & your loved ones needs across the day?” Nothing seems complete enough.

SKYTAG’s RED KOREAN GINSENG is also very rich in ‘COMPOUND K’, which has great benefits for the skin while having wonderful & exceptional ‘Anti-Oxidant’ properties. In addition to this, ‘COMPOUND K’ also helps to prevent & protect from several types of Cancers & Tumors inside the body.

3. The answer to your very pertinent & important question can be answered if there could be something available which could be a ‘SUPER-FOOD’ and complete all the nutritional requirements that the body needs to remain well supplement. Something that could be very powerful. Something that could “TURBO CHARGE” the body….

4. Well….Look no further. Your search for a perfect nutritional element for your loved & precious ones ends today. Introducing ‘SKYTAG’s 100% PURE & ORGANIC SPIRULINA TABLETS. The only food on earth that is capable to fill in all the gaps in your day to day diet. No wonder it is categorized as a ‘SUPERFOOD’.

Spirulina has been known as a ‘MIRACLE FOOD’ in various scientific literatures across the world. Spirulina is so complete in its nutritional content, that is NASA (National Aeronautical Space Administration-America) is considering Spirulina as a ‘FOOD FOR ASTRONAUTS’ for their long term space travels ventures.

Imagine that power that’s packed in SKYTAG’s 100% PURE & ORGANIC SPIRULINA

5. Whether it is your day to day energy requirements or health goals like fitness, weight reduction or stamina boosting etc. Whether it is your concerns on your vitality or your controls on your lifestyle related to your longevity goals. Whether it is related to an objective towards your healthy diet to tone us your overall body or skin texture quality. All your objectives & goal can be met with SKYTAG’s 100% PURE & ORGANIC SPIRULINA

6. When include SKYTAG’s 100% PURE & ORGANIC SPIRULINA in your daily regime, you are assured of a product the meets the highest quality standards that are available in the world for such a critical product. While there may me several similar formulations available, you need to be very careful about what brand you choose & need to be sure about the manufacturing quality standards to be world class.

7.  SKYTAG’s 100% PURE & ORGANIC SPIRULINA  is manufactured in the world’s best & finest factories & environments. The manufacturing premises are certified by the world’s top most agencies like:

  • IN-BIO-149

These are the worlds top most certifications guaranteeing the highest manufacturing standards & the highest quality standards. So when you use SKYTAG’s 100% PURE & ORGANIC SPIRULINA  for your health needs & nutritional gaps, you have the assurance of a product which meets the highest standards of safety & assurance in addition to the best value for every single rupee spent by you.

8. SKYTAG’s 100% PURE & ORGANIC SPIRULINA gives you complete peace of mind & the highest quality assurance not only due to the worlds highest manufacturing standards, but also the assurance of the safest known product for your use. Some of the most important features of SKYTAG’s 100% PURE & ORGANIC SPIRULINA are:

  • A 100% Vegetarian Product: No element of gelatin as used by many brands.
  • Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Product): So the product used by you is 100% natural & free from all commercial modifications
  • NON-IRRADIATED: The product is in no way exposed to any types of radiations at any stange of manufacturing, making it very safe for long term consumption.
  • 100% ORGANIC: All ingredients in manufacturing of this product meet the highest quality standards set by USDA’s Organic standardizations’.
  • 100% Pesticides Free: No pesticides have been used during the manufacturing of SKYTAG’s 100% PURE & ORGANIC SPIRULINA.
  • 100% HERBICIDE FREE: Manufacturing Spirulina Organically demands the highest safety standards. SKYTAG’s 100% PURE & ORGANIC SPIRULINA is assured of being 100% Herbicide free.
  • 100% BACTERICIDAL FREE: SKYTAG’s 100% PURE & ORGANIC SPIRULINA is manufactured in very safe & sterile conditions & environment. This keeps it safe from every contamination & heavy metals. Only the highest standards of manufacturing can assure this.
  • 100% GLUTEN FREE: Gluten is found in grans like wheat, barley, rye etc. SKYTAG’s 100% PURE & ORGANIC SPIRULINA is very safe to use in people suffering from ‘Celiac Disease’ & its associated symptoms. This benefits to improve health, manage unwanted weight loss & increase energy significantly.
  • 100% Safe: With all the above benefits, there is no reason why SKYTAG’s 100% PURE & ORGANIC SPIRULINA is not safe or has any compromise in it’s safety for long term use.

SKYTAG’s 100% PURE & ORGANIC SPIRULINA gives you the assurance of the highest quality standards & the finest world class product to fill in the blanks in your daily nutritional needs effectively & safely.

SKYTAG’s 100% PURE & ORGANIC SPIRULINA  is being considered by NASA (National American Space Administration-America) for long distance travel to distant planets like Mars Mission due to its capability as a complete nutritional food and capability to produce protein & energy.

SKYTAG’s 100% PURE & ORGANIC SPIRULINA contains high quality natural protein of around 70%, along with fine quality: Carbohydrates, essential nutrients like B-Vitamins in particular Thiamin, Riboflavin & Niacin, along with Dietary minerals like: Iron, Manganese, along with Lipid contents like: Gamma-Linolenic Acid, Alpha-Linolenic Acid, Steriodonic Acid, Eicosapentaenoic Acid, Docosahexanoic Acid & Arachidonic Acid. All the above essential elements are natural in form in SKYTAG’s 100% PURE & ORGANIC SPIRULINA & therefore well absorbed & tolerated by the human body.

Client's Testimonials

It’s used to increase strength and stamina… It’s a good quality authentic product that works… It’s efficient and effective. Spirulina 500mg is a natural product. I recommend everyone to use this tablets.


The spirulina pills are excellent, and I can notice a difference after taking a few. It has increased my energy levels and kept me active for the most of the day. Personally, I am satisfied with spirulina pills it is worth of money.


I’ve been using best spirulina tablets for over a week and have already seen improvements because of my job load, which causes me to become irritated, and now I can see the difference in my behaviour. I’m glad I found it.


The best spirulina capsules have made me very happy and satisfied. As expected, the results were good, and the taste was nice. It also comes in secure packing to ensure freshness and an extended lifespan. In addition, it is a cost-effective product.


The natural spirulina tablets is totally natural. It helps to boost stamina and physical fitness, which is a really good product and very important in daily life. It strengthens and tones my body.


I purchased spirulina tablets online and am really pleased with the results. Everything is working in the spirulina’s favour. I can feel a difference in my body after only a few days of taking them, and I will recommend them to everyone.


If you’re searching for a natural source natural spirulina tablets are the best option because they actually work and don’t make false promises. After taking this tablet, you will notice a opposite alteration in your body. The natural spirulina tablet really works.


Well spirulina capsules is the one of the best tablets in market for energy and good healthy im so happy after using them its been 6 months . Im taking them daily and and result are so nice.



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