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Ginseng has been known for it’s wonderful properties & health benefits for over 2000 Years now. Ginseng has a very well established & confirmed role to play in improving energy, stamina & vitality in both men & women. It is an amazing companion to keep you energized & fully charged up to take up the day to day challenges effectively. The mind & body are known to function in perfect harmony with the right type of Ginseng in the right dosage. It is also a very safe & effective product with excellent responses & results to provided & boost overall body stamina as an amazing daily companion.

Of late due to the ever-increasing demand for this wonder product, there have been several types of so called Ginsengs that can be seen in the markets. These are, American Ginseng, Chinese Ginseng, Russian Ginseng, African Ginseng, Vietnamese Ginseng & Our very own Indian Ginseng also known as Ashwagandha, to name a few. Not to stop, there are also further confusions & categorizations in the form of colour of Ginseng as well like, White, Yellow & Red Ginsengs.

The key question therefore is as to how does one really know which is the best Ginseng product available in the market which is not only efficacious, but also safe for long term use.

The high demand for the Wonder Supplement also referred in several references as ‘Superior Super Tonic’ has led to a continuously deteriorating quality of this wonderful product. Highly commercialized cultivation & poor quality control due to faster harvesting of plants than they can grow & reproduce has led to poor quality product which does not give the desired results. There are several such Ginseng products available in the market with misleading claims & information.

Some of the most used varieties of Ginseng across the world are the Chinese & American Ginseng. These are easy to cultivate,  do not require much care, can be commercialized & are not very premium. They offer an average quality result to the consumer and are reasonably cost effective. In addition these crops are fast to produce and the quantum of effort required to produce this crop is not much. Processing the Chinese & American Ginseng is also not too tedious & does not cost much. Hence the high production which can meet the existing demand for Ginseng even though it is at the cost of quality & results. But worst still, GENSENOSIDE, which is the key component which decides the efficacy of the Ginseng is between 4% to 10% only. Poor GENSENOSIDE level means poor result & efficacy. These products are available in very high doses going up to 600 MG to 1200 MG but still are poor in terms of the results that they offer.

SKYTAG’s offers you RED KOREAN GINSENG in the form of Capsules of 400 MG each.  SKYTAG’s RED KOREAN GINSENG is a premium quality Ginseng grown in Korea. It takes minimum 6 years to grow one harvest of this premium vegetation. A product of such patience is rich in medicinal content. SKYTAG’s RED KOREAN GINSENG is rich in GENSENOSIDE content with 24% concentration, which is the highest in it’s class. The longer a Ginseng plant remains in nature, the better effect it has. The results with SKYTAG’s RED KOREAN GINSENG are therefore excellent as it is the most potent form of Ginseng.

SKYTAG’s RED KOREAN GINSENG is also very rich in ‘COMPOUND K’, which has great benefits for the skin while having wonderful & exceptional ‘Anti-Oxidant’ properties. In addition to this, ‘COMPOUND K’ also helps to prevent & protect from several types of Cancers & Tumors inside the body.

RED KOREAN GINSENG is amongst the world’s most valuable medicinal herbs. Cultivating RED KOREAN GINSENG is a matter of great patience & wonderful effects. It is cultivated & processed in a very strict environment. RED KOREAN GINSENG  takes almost 6 years of time to truly become what it is known for. The ground must then rest for 2 years before another harvest batch can be grown on it. The cultivation of RED KOREAN GINSENG is a very delicate process & needs exposure to light in a very controlled way as direct sunlight can damage or kill it. The crop is therefore protected with blue shades to give it just the right light to ensure that the harvest is perfect.

The product is also further processed under very stringent conditions & highly quality controlled to give you the best effect that you are looking for.

In addition for your safety, SKYTAG’s RED KOREAN GINSENG  is Yeast Free, Lactose Free & Gluten Free.

The capsules are Vegetarian & no Gelatin or animal proteins or elements are used in the manufacturing of SKYTAG’s RED KOREAN GINSENG.

When you buy SKYTAG’s RED KOREAN GINSENG, you buy a product which is the original, rare & purest form of Red Ginseng directly from Korea. SKYTAG’s RED KOREAN GINSENG will be an amazing companion of yours for years to come.

SKYTAG’s RED KOREAN GINSENG has the highest content of GENSENOSIDE, the key component which decides the effect of Ginseng. Where majority products have a GENSENOSIDE content of around 4% only, SKYTAG’s RED KOREAN GINSENG offers you a GENSENOSIDE level of 24%, which is the highest in its class. This high GENSENOSIDE level ensures that you get the best effects that you are looking for.

In addition to this SKYTAG’s RED KOREAN GINSENG  is enriched with ‘COMPOUND-K’ which is a very strong & powerful Anti-Oxidant.  COMPOUND-K is a very important compound  which has great effect on your skin quality & texture in addition to protecting from several forms of Cancers & Tumors. It also has a helpful role to play for patients undergoing radiation therapy for Cancer or any other ailment.

You can consider using SKYTAG’s RED KOREAN GINSENG Capsules for the following indications effectively:

  • To Increase Strength, Energy & Vitality
  • Boost Immune System
  • Enhancing Skin Texture & Quality
  • Improving Overall Sexual Health
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Lack Of Sexual Desire In Both Men & Women
  • As A Natural Aphrodisiac
  • To Increase Sperm Count
  • Anti-Aging
  • General Well-Being
  • Diabetes
  • During Radiation Therapy

Dietary Supplement

  • Contents: 60 Easy To Swallow Vegetarian Capsules Of 400 MG Each
  • Servings: 60 (1 Capsule Per Day)
  • Dose: One Capsule A Day, Preferably With Breakfast.
  • Cautions: Not To Be Taken By Patients On Or With Following Medical Conditions: Blood Thinners/ Auto-Immune Patients/ Any Type Of Allergies/ Pregnancies/Heart Diseases/Rheumatoid Arthritis/Cancer Patients/ Insomnia. In Case Of Any Underlying Disease, Kindly Consult Your Doctor Before Initiating This Product.
  • Highest Permissible Dose: 1 Capsule of 400 MG Per Day for minimum 3 months.
  • Storage: Keep In A Cool Dry Place, Do Not Expose To Direct Sunlight, Keep Out Of The Reach Of Children

SKYTAG’s RED KOREAN GINSENG is an product imported directly from Korea & only packaged in India. At SKYTAG BIOTEQ, we maintain, manufactured & package our products in the world’s best & finest factories & environments. The manufacturing premises are certified by the world’s top most agencies like:

  • ISO 9001-2015

These are the worlds top most certifications guaranteeing the highest manufacturing standards & the highest quality standards. So when you use SKYTAG’s RED KOREAN GINSENG for your health needs & nutritional gaps, you have the assurance of a product which meets the highest standards of safety & assurance in addition to the best value for every single rupee spent by you.

SKYTAG’s RED KOREAN GINSENG assures you complete peace of mind & the highest quality assurance not only due to the worlds highest manufacturing standards, but also the assurance of the safest known product for your use. Some of the most important features of SKYTAG’s RED KOREAN GINSENG are:

  • A 100% Vegetarian Product: No element of gelatin as used by many brands.
  • Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Product): So the product used by you is 100% natural & free from all commercial modifications
  • NON-IRRADIATED: The product is in no way exposed to any types of radiations at any stage of manufacturing, making it very safe for long term consumption.
  • 100% ORGANIC: All ingredients in manufacturing of this product meet the highest quality standards set by USDA’s Organic standardizations’.
  • 100% Pesticides Free: No pesticides have been used during the manufacturing of SKYTAG’s RED KOREAN GINSENG.
  • 24% COMPOUND-K: SKYTAG’s RED KOREAN GINSENG contains the highest level of COMPOUND-K at 24%. The highest in it’s class.
  • 100% BACTERICIDAL FREE: SKYTAG’s RED KOREAN GINSENG is manufactured in very safe & sterile conditions & environment. This keeps it safe from every contamination & heavy metals. Only the highest standards of manufacturing can assure this.
  • 100% GLUTEN FREE: Gluten is found in grans like wheat, barley, rye etc. SKYTAG’s RED KOREAN GINSENG is very safe to use in people suffering from ‘Celiac Disease’ & its associated symptoms. This benefits to improve health, manage unwanted weight loss & increase energy significantly.
  • 100% HERBICIDE FREE: Manufacturing Ginseng Organically demands the highest safety standards. SKYTAG’s RED KOREAN GINSENG is assured of being 100% Herbicide free.
  • 100% AUTHENTIC: With all the above benefits, SKYTAG’s RED KOREAN GINSENG is a 100% Authentic & Genuine product, which assures you the finest quality without any compromise in it’s safety for long term use.

SKYTAG’s RED KOREAN GINSENG gives you the assurance of the highest quality standards & the finest world class product to fill the blanks in your daily nutritional needs effectively & safely.


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