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Growing Up & Growing Tall has always been a very exciting of every childhood. As parents we always keep track of the height of our precious children. There almost is always a wall where we mark the height of our children during the growing up phase. Not only this, even children love to know that they are growing well as a Big Girl or a Big Boy.


Not only this, the children often like to compete with their elder sibling on their height and how fast they are catching up with the elder one. Height is often a very personal & competitive part of growing up many a times with wonderful & priceless memories.


However many a times a short height or a delayed height can also become a part of personalized comment’s or ridicule or teasing by peer group during the child’s growing years. Many a times such situations or comments leave a difficult to erase part of growing up years. Such situations are not only painful, insensitive but also scar the mind irreversibly.


Not only this a short height impacts the desires of a child to participate in various sports which require a good height along with an active mind.  However a limitation in inches leads to sacrificing such aspirations. The child may accept this limitation, but as parents, such situations are difficult to accept sportingly.


However most of the times, one has to content with the explanations of genetic limitation as read or generally explained by doctors. The height below the expectations of a child or parents has to be accepted as a painful part of our lives, best forgotten or learned to live with….


At SKYTAG, we however suggest you keep your hopes & aspirations alive with SKYTAG’s HEIGHT BOOST TONIC. Let the dreams of your child flourish, give him the support of your effort with SKYTAG’s HEIGHT BOOST TONIC without any further delay & without losing out the precious days & time in hand.


Start watering the aspirations of your child from as early as possible. Start on with SKYTAG’s HEIGHT BOOST TONIC as early as possible. A combination of 15 Best Handpicked Herbs & Natural Height Booster especially brought together in the right dose to give your child the precise effect for maximum growth during the growing years in hand.



Along with a regular dose of 15 ML twice daily, we strongly request you to ensure a stress & pressure free environment along with a high protein & healthy diet for your child. It is a scientifically proven fact, that a sound sleep of at least 8 hours & good physical activities like running, playing, cycling etc as per the interest of your child help to stimulate the synthesis & secretion of Growth Hormone inside the body which in turn helps to speed up the growth of your child. Start with SKYTAG’s HEIGHT BOOST TONIC as early as possible along with a good physical activity & a positive environment around your child & enjoy the thrill of your little one grow long & strong.



SKYTAG also advises you to not fall under the influence or trap of unscrupulous brands or products claiming to offer great benefits at any age. The height can grow only till the period that children achieve adolescence and the bone fusion in them hasn’t taken place.  Once past that stage, nothing helps. So start early, be positive, appreciate your little one &releish your childs journey from you arms to his own feet as he or she gets ready to take on the world on their own.

Start with SKYTAG’s HEIGHT BOOST TONIC as early as possible. A dose of 15 ML Twice Daily will provide the best ingredients in the precise dosage to boost up the height of your precious child. With SKYTAG’s HEIGHT BOOST TONIC your child will grow Long & Strong, along with a little help from you.


SKYTAG’s HEIGHT BOOST TONIC is a combination of 15 handpicked herbs in the precise dosage which offer the best effect for your child’s over all growth. All these herbs work in perfect synergy & coordination, giving a 360 degree benefit to your child’s overall health. The effects are shown as follows:

Growth Hormone Synthesis:
Ashwagandha increases the synthesis of Growth Hormone, the single ingredient which is most important for height gain. Along with this Brahmi helps to keep the mind sharp, active & calm, which keeps anxiety away while ensuring sound healthy sleep which further helps production of Growth Hormone along with

Boosting Body Metabolism & Keeping Mind Stress Free:
Ashwagandha. Besides this, Arjuna also adds to their effect being a wonder herb for Height Gain. It also helps to boost the body metabolism. Musta also helps to promote mental relaxed & alert brain to promote tranquility, reduce stress & add to height boosting process. Guggul is another ingredient which helps to improve body metabolism helping the height gain process & maintain optimum body weight.

Improving Body Metabolism & Providing Rich Nutrients:
Bala, Shatawari & Saunf another super herbs offer benefits alongside, by boosting muscular strength & providing rich nutrients, which boost nerve power & boost muscular strength. These are loaded by anti-oxidants which protect the body from cellular damage thereby promoting height gain & ensuring a healthy body.

Keeping Mind Calm:
Shankhpushpi, another wonder herb works best for rejuvenating the nervous system & boosts nerve power besides improving mental functions.

Improving Digestion & Nutritional Value:
Chandrashoor, Awla, Yastimadhu & Sounth are excellent for ensuring a perfect digestion, which helps to provide the best nutrients for contributing towards a good digestion & thereby providing the micro-nutrients needed by the body for boost height.

Boosting Immunity:
Giloya is another supper ingredient herb which is also known as the ‘Root Of Immortality’ it boosts immunity of your child which ensures that your child does not fall ill. It helps to boost vision & eyesight while helping the bosy to boost its natural immunity & combating illness especially liver & urinary related infection.

Boosting Positive factors In Body:
Nirgundi is a wonderful gift from nature. As the name suggests it protects the body from disease. It provides overall benefits to the body & helps to eliminate toxins from the body, thereby boosting positive factors in the body besides keeping the skin healthy & avoiding pimples.

1. ASHWAGANDHAThe main role of Ashwagandha is that it increases the production of ‘Growth Hormone’ in the body thereby helping to increase the height. In addition it has multiple health benefits. It calms the brain while helping to Reduce Anxiety & Stress, fights depression. Ashwagandha Boosts Brain Functions while contributing to overall enhancement of elements contributing to excellent height gain. It also is a very powerful antioxidant which protects from the harmful effects of pollution & stress, while also helping to reduce weight & boost energy.
2. BALAThis is a wonderful ingredient to boost muscular strength & build great stamina. It has been used by athletes over the years to build great strength & stamina.
3. SHATAWARINatures finest ‘ADAPTOGENIC’ herb. Shatawari is a very rich source of carbohydrates, proteins, Vitamins-B, C & A. because of its rich nutrient value, it is of great benefits in height gain. Helps your body to cope up with physical & emotional stress. Improves Vitality & is a time-tested General Health Tonic.
4. SHANKHPUSHPIIt is a wonder herb. Natures gift to enhance memory, Rejuvenates Nervous System. Improves Intellect. Boosts Nerve power & improves mental functions. It has multiple role to play in the body as it keeps the digestive system in great condition, so that micro-nutrients can be made available to the body to promote height gain. It also helps to keep the mood pleasant & helps in sound sleep which is so essential for height gain. It also has anti-bacterial properties to maintain good health & immunity.
5. BRAHMIBrahmi is a wonderful health tonic & has Unlimited Benefits. It has a cooling property which keeps the mind calm & free of anxiety. It also promotes sound sleep which is very essential for effective production of Growth Hormones in the body for good height gain. Brahmi also Cleanses Kidney, soothes Liver. It effectively regulates Blood Sugar levels in the body which are very essential for good overall body functions.
6. ARJUNAArjuna is known to be excellent for height gain as it helps to improve body metabolism & helps to use the food ingredients by the body effectively. It is great to maintain a strong heart as well.
7. AWLAAwla is the Highest source of Vitamin-C from nature. It helps to control & keep Thyroid in check, which is known to hinder height & growth. In addition, Awla Moisturizes skin & builds strong immunity.
8. CHANDRASHOORChandrashoor is a wonderful herb to increase height in children. It has exceptionally high nutritional value & facilitates excellent growth of bones & muscles. It is a very good source of iron & calcium both of which are very essential for height gain.
9. MULETHI(Yastimadhu)Mulethi is excellent for maintaining perfect digestion, so that the ingredient’s & minerals required for good height gain are available to the body. It keeps infections away & Improves digestion, Keeps mind calm, Keeps acidity at bay, Improves memory & assists hormonal regulation in body.
10. SOUNTH(GINGER)Also known as dried Ginger. Natures healthiest herbs. Loaded with nutrients & bioactive compounds to give powerful benefits for your body & brain. Boosts immunity significantly so that sickness remains away & height gain is not impacted.
11. GILOYAGiloy is also known as the Ayurvedic ‘Root of Immortality’. Universal herb to boost immunity. Boosts vision. Slows ageing. Removes toxins from body, builds body immunity. Combats urinary & liver infections. Helps to keep body. Treats Arthritis, fights respiratory problems
12. MUSTAMustak is a wonderful product to promote mental relaxation. It also helps to relax the smooth muscles in the body, thereby promoting muscle growth for good height gain. It also helps to balance the Kapha& Pitta in the body. It is of great use to keep the digestive system in perfect condition.
13. NIRGUNDINirgundi as the name suggests in Sanskit is a plant which protects the body from disease. It is a wonderful gift from nature for its overall benefits to the human health. It eliminates toxins from the body thereby boosting positive factors in the body. It also helps to keep the sking healthy & avoids pimples during the growth phase of humans.
14. SAUNFSaunf has immense health benefits from Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-bacterial properties. It is loaded with micro nutrients essential for height gain. It prevents cellular damage in the body & promotes growth. It also helps to keep weight in check. It is an excellent immunity booster as well.
15. GUGGULGuggul in great to increase the body metabolism. It therefore increases energy & helps to gain height. In addition it also helps to reduce weight & maintain optimum levels of body weight.