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    I have a very energetic lifestyle & am always running around for my business. With no particular time for myself, my heath started getting ignored since past many months & I had been feeling very low & lifeless on my personal health front. My friends had suggested me things like Ashwagandha or Ginseng but I had been ignoring these suggestions always. I came to know of Red Korean Ginseng as a powerful overall health tonic. I was reluctant to start as pure Red Korean Ginseng is quite premium & not available readily. I chanced upon SKYTAG’s RED KOREAN GINSENG and decided to give it a try. I ordered one pack from HEALTHMUG which was delivered on time.  I started consuming 1 capsule daily & within 1 week I was able to see a marked difference in myself & my overall performance. I have loved the product & it is now a part of my daily breakfast. I am lucky to have found a very good & potent product for myself.

    Sanjay Kr

    My son is a 11th class student pursuing a career in engineering. He has a lot of pressure of studies both from school & for his coaching classes. I had been feeling the burden of studies on him & the stress that has been mounting on him. I ordered SKYTAG’s MEMORY BOOST TONIC from HEALTHMUG, which I have been giving him twice daily. Although initially I did not notice, but within a month I started feeling very good & responsive in his overall temperament & studies. There has been a very positive change in him. I have found the product very good. I have been giving him SKYTAG’s MEMORY BOOST TONIC for over 3 months now & am very happy for the results that it has shown in my son.

    Jaideep Kr

    My son is a class 11th student in a prestigious school of Delhi. He was continuously complaining to me that he was the shortest in height in his class which made him made him feel very bad. He had been telling me that he stands in the front in the school morning assembly which he did not like. I saw several products on the internet many of which were hormone injections which could have serious long term side effects for my child. There were also several making difficult to believe claims. I chanced upon SKYTAG’s HEIGHT BOOST TONIC and it felt like a good product & decided to give it a try. I ordered one pack from the company directly which was delivered to be ontime. I started with SKYTAG’s HEIGHT BOOST TONIC which I used for over 3 months. Initially there was no response& I spoke to the company’s helpline number who gave me good support & clarified my doubts. I noticed my son becoming more calm& focused over this period & have started feeling a speed up in his height growth. His diet habits have also improved & he has put in 1 cm in 3 months & I am sure he is on the right path. I shall share my opinion in 1 year as well once the progress is more noticeable.


    I have been very prone to frequent infections & have had a low immunity. The high pollution weather in Delhi added to my problems. I chanced upon SKYTAG’s IMMUNITY BOOSTER through the internet & decided to give it a try as it seemed to have just the right ingredients for building immunity. After using it for over 1.5 months, I started feeling quite energetic & the seasonal flu that kept me irritated for so many years also seems to have subsided. I have been using SKYTAG’s IMMUNITY BOOSTER Tablets for over 5 months now & am very happy with the results. I recommend it strongly to everyone over the age of 35. I have found the product safe & effective.

    Deepa k

    I am over 75 years of age and had been experiencing episodes of forgetfulness for the past few years. My son brought be SKYTAG’s MEMORY BOOST TABLETS. I have used the product for over 4 months now & feel much better now. My memory seems to have significantly improved & I am much better now. I have also suggested SKYTAG’s MEMORY BOOST TABLETS to my wife & she has also initiated this product.

    Kailash ChanderK

    I am 72 years old & have been falling ill very frequently. I was taking a lot of vitamin recommended by doctors as supplements. My son brought SKYTAG’s IMMUNITY BOOSTER Tablets which I started consuming on a daily basis. I initially took 2 tablets a day for 1 month & reduced to 1 tablet per day. I feel very energetic & active after 5 months of using this product. These monsoons have been very easy on me & I have been able to pass through these tough months easily after so many years. I recommend SKYTAG’s IMMUNITY BOOSTER Tablets to everyone wanting to keep healthy & active.


    After I crossed the age 40, my skin started showing a significant & noticeable decline in its texture & tone.  Most of my friends who used to compliment me now started commenting that my skin was showing signs of aging & I needed to try something to bring back my skin glow. I had tried many kinds of creams &vitamins but nothing helped. One of my close relations from USA suggested I use RED KOREAN GINSENG as it had a high dose of Ginsenosides which were rich in COMPOUND-K which worked wonders for the skin. I saw a lot of regular Ginseng products but they were mostly Chinese, Indian or American Ginseng which did not have the required levels of Compound-K. I chanced upon SKYTAG’s RED KOREAN GINSENG Capsules which searching in AMAZON. I have used the product for 4 months now & am very happy with the results that I have got from the product. I suggest every woman over the age of 35 must have SKYTAG’s RED KOREAN GINSENG Capsules everyday & keep glowing.


    I stay in Singapore & have a very hectic lifestyle. Being in a very demanding lifestyle which keeps me occupied personally & professionally. On crossing 40 years of age I started feeling a loss of energy despite having a reasonably healthy diet & a fresh air quality unlike that in India. I had read about Spirulina & its positive energy providing effects as a very powerful superfood. I precured SKYTAG’s 100% ORGANIC & PURE SPIRULINA TABLETS via one of my friends in India, who got me 3 bottles. I have been using this product with 2 Tablets daily at breakfast. I have used SKYTAG’s 100% ORGANIC & PURE SPIRULINA TABLETS for a reasonably long period of almost 4 months. I have loved the product & this has noticeably increased my energy levels. It is a must have for all professionals & those in highly demanding work areas.


    : I am a student pursuing my studies in USA. My mother being worried for me gave me 2 bottles of SKYTAG’s 100% ORGANIC & PURE SPIRULINA TABLETS along with me as she was worried for my health & diet away from her. I initially did not take this seriously, but I started SKYTAG’s 100% ORGANIC & PURE SPIRULINA TABLETS with a dose of 2 tablets daily along with my breakfast. I have developed a liking for this product due it’s positive effect on my health & energy levels. Since this is high in proteins & safe as well, it also helps me in building my body & remaining in good shape. SKYTAG’s 100% ORGANIC & PURE SPIRULINA TABLETS is now an inseparable part of my daily routine.


    I had been suffering from recurrent Urinary Infections and was fed up of the relapse despite on being strong antibiotics. I got to know about Skytag’s Cranberry Capsules & decided to give them a try. I started with 2 capsules in a day & was surprised that after 3 weeks of continued use my related problems subsided surprisingly & I also started feeling very energetic as well. I have liked the product very much & recommend to everyone suffering from these notorious UTI infections.


    I have not been keeping good health & looked frail always despite having a good home cooked food. This also came with tiredness & a feeling of lethargy all day long. I tried all kinds of multivitamins  aswell but nothing worked. One of my colleague’s suggested I start taking 2 Tablets of ‘SPIRULINA’ every day.  I was initially skeptical as I had seen a lot of cheap spirulina brand on Amazon & Flipkart. I chose SKYTAG’s SPIRULINA Tablets as they were 100% Organic & Certified. I started using 2 tablets daily with breakfast & was amazed on the positive effect it brought on my health. My signs of low energy levels were gone in 2 weeks & I became more energetic. I’m getting in better shape day by day & am very happy with the wonderful results. I recommend SKYTAG’s 100% ORGANIC & PURE SPIRULINA to everyone.

    Rajender S

    I am 67 Years old & despite having a very active lifestyle, I started suffering frequent memory loss. I was unable to recall the names of even small things which were lying in front of me, which became very irritating. I tried various options but none gave me any response noticeably. My daughter got me SKYTAG’s MEMORY BOOST TABLETS from Amazon. I used it for over a month continuously. While initially there was no noticeable result, I started feeling better from the 4th week onwards. I am using SKYTAG’s MEMORY BOOST TABLETS regularly for over 4 months & feel much better now. I recommend it for anyone over 50 years of age.

    Gurdeep K

    I stay in Australia. I wanted to improve my skin quality & was looking for RED KOREAN GINGENG. Supplements are quite expensive here & I asked my brother in India to get me a six-month quota. While there were a lot of cheap Chinese ginseng products available, I insisted on only Red Korean Ginseng. He was luckily able to get SKYTAG’s RED KOREAN GINSENG from me directly from the company. I have used this product for over 3 months, having 1 capsule daily at breakfast& have found a significant improvement in my skin tone. The product has worked wonderfully for me.