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Tips to avoid Urinary Infections

Urinary infections affect millions of people worldwide. Women are more prone to Urinary Infections unlike men. Almost 50% women do experience urinary infections at one or the other stage of their life.

Constant visits to the doctor & recurrent course of Antibiotics provide short time relief in addition to several side effects.

Pain or burning during urinating, sudden urge to urinate, inability to urinate, pain in back or pubic bone, fever etc are some of the symptoms of UTI or Urinary tract Infections.

E-Coli’ is the main pathogen responsible for over 80% OF UTI cases. It has a habit of coming back again & again.

Keep the following precautions in mind if you want to avoid Urinary Infections:

  • Toilet seats are a major source of Urinary Infections. Keep your toilet seats always clean at home. While outside of home, use only clean toilet seats. Else use other safe methods of urinating like ‘Pee Buddy’ etc which are available in plenty online.
  • Always keep a good ‘Genital Health’ by keeping yourself clean every time you relieve yourself.
  • Always wash from ‘Front to back’ only.
  • Always drink plenty of water. This helps to flush out bacteria from your system.
  • Avoid using irritating feminine after wash products.
  • Avoid holding your Pee for prolonged hours. Relieve yourself before your bladder fills to capacity.
  • During intercourse, both partners must maintain clean genital areas. It also helps to urinate before & after intercourse if possible.
  • Use Cranberry supplements with a high PAC Content above 18% (PROANTHOCYANIDINS) regularly to keep your Urinary System in perfect & healthy condition.
  • The PAC (PROANTHOCYANIDINS) in Cranberry don’t allow the urinary infection causing bacteria like ‘E-COLI’ to stick & grow to the inside of the urinary tract. This helps to control & treat urinary infections recurrence.


Not many Cranberry supplements with a PAC of above 18% are available. Choose a Cranberry Supplement like SKYTAG’s 100% PURE&ORIGINALAMERICAN CRANBERRY CAPSULES which offer a high PAC of 24% to protect you from recurrent Urinary Infections & keep you healthy. It is also loaded with Vitamin-C which offers you additional overall benefits.