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    The human mind is a marvel of nature. It is the most miraculous & mystifying part of the human body. Our brain gives us the power of thoughts which decides upon the directions that any human will take. It has been rightly said that ‘We are what our thoughts are’. The human body has had multiple shortcomings from the beginning. We do not have the power to fly, the ability to run fast, the inability to do a lot of things & activity. However the greatest blessing that humans have is the power & ability to think & create, which put us much beyond any other living being on the planet.  No wonder Mother Nature puts humans beings on top of the ‘Food-Chain’.


    Good nutrition is of extreme & utmost importance for the human brain. No wonder Malnourished fetuses and infants suffer from cognitive and behavioral deficits, slower motor and language development and lower I.Q. levels.

    It is scientifically proven now that the human brain keeps developing till around age late 40. Even a small amount of power changes the capacity & potential of the brain to function in an extraordinary way.


    Modern lifestyle put our mind & body into extreme stress. Children today are subjected to extreme pressure of studies which starts takes a toll on their mental health from a very early stage. 

    As children grow younger the peer pressure & competition creeps in which adds to their mental pressure. No doubt that pressure is unavoidable since it is important to survive well & remain on an outstanding level so as to have a bright future.


    This high pressure for success only keeps getting bigger & bigger when competitive exams set in and every child & parent is under pressure to perform and success. The physical & mental pressure only keeps mounting as the years go by.


    Once the transition from School to College & college to professional College & there on to a Professional Job happens, the mind & body keep taking the pounding. Being young the damages are neither realized nor felt as Mother Nature keeps us all fit to take on the challenges of life head on with a smile.


    It all is however taken in the stride as a ‘part of job’ as we continue to progress in our careers from one step to another with every passing year.


    At this stage once we start nearing age 40, the body starts showing the signs of years & years of unrelenting physical & mental pressure. It all starts with initial signs like headaches, forgetfulness, mental & physical fatigue.


    As we grow professionally, the pressure of performance & uncompromising targets also grows along with leaving us many a times lost & unable to cope up leading to several missing links in our day to day work. The signs of damage start showing up a bit more prominently the importance of which we still do not realize.


    Life however moves on a fast pace without us realizing how much we all have put at risk without taking time to invest on our self or take care of our physical & mental health.

    By the time the symptoms show up aggressively, it has already been too late to correct the decline & as our physical & mental capacities go down we are already on a ‘point of no return’.




    What To Do?

    This is the key question. The way out of this situation is very simple if we keep into mind the following:

    Acknowledge the Challenge & Start Early.

    Ensure your child gets a good undisturbed sleep of at least 8 hours, with a good healthy diet, least distractions & good physical activity.


    Don’t ignore the early signs of confusion, lack of concentration, poor attention span, forgetfulness.


    Don’t accept poor learning & retention as a way of life for your child. It only needs to be approached in a more emphatic manner. Your support really matters.


    Avoid excessive stress & try to keep a healthy & well balanced life style.


    As you grow, keep a balanced lifestyle, reduce stress as much as you can consciously & try to keep a lively atmosphere around yourself.


    Remain alert towards any signs of loss of memory.  There is always a way out. So be ready to find a solution without accepting it as a part of ageing or a result of life long stress.



    Supplement your mind & body with ingredients that have the potential to keep you in perfect condition. Other than maintain a healthy & balanced life style, let SKYTAG’s MEMORY BOOST TONIC  help you with filling in the gaps with all that your mind & body need.

    Read more in the next section about how SKYTAG’s MEMORY BOOST TONIC  can help you get your energetic & vibrant self back…

    1. BRAHMI Natures finest memory booster, reduces stress & anxiety. Great in Attention Deficit Disorder. Great in Alzheimer’s Disease. Cleanses Kidney, soothes Liver. Unlimited Benefits
    2. SHANKHPUSHPI Natures gift to enhance memory, Rejuvenates Nervous System. Improves Intellect. Boostes Nerve power & improves mental functions
    3. ASHWAGANDHA Has multiple health benefits. Reduces Anxiety & Stress, fights depression, boosts fertility. Boosts Brain Functions
    4. BACH Reduces negative thoughts, Improves positivity. Complements treatment for emotional problems & pain
    5. SIRISH Balances VATTA & PITTA Disorders. Strengthens Immune System. Reduces allergic tendencies. Strengthens system from within.
    6. SIGRU Natures best Anti-Oxidant. Improves circulation & blood flow in the body. Reduces all kinds of inflammations & pains.
    7. ANANTMOOL Natures finest Blood-Purifier. Cools body. Great Anti-Oxidant Properties. Wonderful gift of nature to detoxify the body.
    8. RASNA Natures Wonder. Extensively used to treat over 80 types of VATA Disorders. Best to correct KAPHA Dosha in body. Stimulates digestion. Cures all inflamations, build immunity. Protects from Cough, Fever
    9. MUSTAK Controls Digestive & Menstrual complaints. Also known as NUT GRASS. Helps to relieve from all kinds of pains.
    10. GILOYA Universal herb to boost immunity. Boosts vision. Slows ageing. Removes toxins from body, builds body immunity. Combats urinary & liver infections. Helps to keep body. Treats Arthritis, fights respiratory problems
    11. JATAMANSI Helps to promote healthy sleeping. Removes body odour. Helps as a natural laxative.
    12. JYOTISMATI Enlightens mind. Promotes mental & Heart functions. Controls Cholesterol. Has great anti oxidant activity. Treats Insomnia.
    13. MULETHI Improves digestion. Keeps mind calm. Keeps acidity at bay. Improves memory & assists hormonal regulation in body.
    14. AWLA Highest source of Vitamin-C. Moisturizes skin, builds immunity.
    15. SOUNTH Also known as dried Ginger. Natures healthiest herbs. Loaded with nutrients & bioactive compounds to give powerful benefits for your body & brain. Boosts immunity significantly.
    16. SATAWAR Natures finest ‘ADAPTOGENIC’ herb. Helps your body to cope up with physical & emotional stress. Improves Vitality. General Health Tonic.
    17. ELA Also known as Cardamom. Premium ingredient. Boosts Cognitive Brain Functions & memory.
    18. PEEPAL Improves general well being. Purifies blood. Improves potency. Great for skin.
    19. MIRCH Boosts functions of other ingredients. Boosts general body functions. Prevents Liver &Cardio Vascular related problems.
    20. NAGKESHAR Keeps headaches & migraine at bay. Prevents fevers & urinary infections.
    21. JAIPHAL Used since ancient times even by Greeks & Romans as a terrific Brain Tonic. Stimulates nerves in the brain. Also eases Fatigue & stress. Reduces Depression & Anxiety.
    22. USTEKHUDUSH Main action directly on Brain & Intestines. Time tested Brain Tonic. Excellent nerve tonic. Builds general body immunity & keeps strong from within.
    23. KUSMAND Enhances cognitive functions & improves memory. Significantly enhances brains power of acquisition, retention & recollection. Improves brain functions tremendously. Also boosts immunity & strengthens immune system significantly. Helps to counter forgetfulness.